The 3D Body Scanning Within Your Reach

The most versatile and affordable 3D scanning system in the market.

Fuboss is an automated tooling for the 3D scanning of people and medium sized objects. Designed for giving a solution to the existing difficulties in using the existing 3D handheld scanners for making a full body scan.

The unique fully compatible with the main handheld 3D scanners

Install your own 3D camera and get the better of it. The 3D scanners are in constant evolution. Its compatibility system makes Fuboss the better option in the market for having ever the maximum accuracy in your 3D scans. Your Fuboss will never get obsolette.

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Easier 3D scans

Fuboss can work in manual and automatic modes. Thanks to its hi-end three axis joystick, you can store up to 4 different custom 3D scanning programs.

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High quality 3D models

Ready for 3D Printing or for taking measurements. Fuboss doesn’t puts limits to the accuracy of your 3D Scans. You freely choose the quality you need.


Perfect for 3D printing your own 3D selfies

From medium size objects to full body scans.
Fuboss puts at your fingertips the 3D printed selfies and small 3D replicas market.

The versatility of Fuboss allow the user to obtain 3D scanned meshes with a high quality, reducing considerably the expended time in post processing. The shorter working time from the 3D scaning session to the 3D printing queue makes Fuboss a great companion for your 3D printed figurines shop.


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