//How to illuminate for 3D body scanning.

How to illuminate for 3D body scanning.

When we try to make a 3D body scan, there are some basics that we have to consider before doing it, how to illuminate the model is one of those.

In photography the shadows are good to give to the model a volume sensation, but when we are talking about 3D scans, shadows are not such desirable. The resulting scanned model will produce shadows by itself according to the light received in every moment. If we illuminate the model from above, then all the images that the scanner takes will have its own shadows, so when the software applies the texture to the mesh, this texture will have those shadows. If you then try to print this object, you will obtain a model with two shading, one of when you made the scan and one created by itself, according with the light that strikes it at that time.

Therefore, each image taken by scanner doesn’t must contain any shadow or the minimum. One solution, if you don’t have a professional lighting system surrounding the model, is the light coming from the scanner and illuminating uniformly all the scope. With Fuboss, the scanner is fixed and is the model which turns itself, so if we place the tower in front of a window and the model in front the scanner as you can see in the following image, you will have enough lighting. Translucent drapes will help you to obtain a diffuse light more convenient. If you need more light or you can’t place the tower in front of a window, then simply use Fuboss lighting system, it applies to the model a correct intensity and a good color reproduction.

How to illuminate our 3D body scan

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