//How to make your own Autostereogram

How to make your own Autostereogram

In this new entry of our blog, we want to propose another scope for your 3D full body scans, these are the Autostereograms. Sure you remember what is an Autostereogram, see the following image.

Source: Wikipedia

Those pictures became popular at 90s, then the world had two types of people, those who could view the hidden 3D and those who didn’t.

If you are interested in knowing the whole history and theory, you can find a detailed explanation in the Wikipedia.

Now you can make your own Autostereograms by using your 3D full body scans!

All the software you need is free. You’ll need Meshlab to make the deepmap and an online app to make the final autostereogram.

Open Meshlab and load your 3D model.

Place the model as you want. The bigger the model, the better the 3D effect. So is better to use the chest or head.

Go to Render > Shaders > Depthmap

In the Shader settings, adjust zmax and zmin. The most far parts of the image must be dark and the nearest must be white. Adjust both values to obtain the full gray range onto your 3D scan.

It’s ready, now save your image. Go to File > Save snapshot and configure settings.

At this step, you have obtained a PNG file with a transparent background. Now you need to open this file in your favourite image editor, place a new black layer as background and adjust it to the desired size. Save as JPG.

With our depthmap ready, we just need to go to a Stereogram builder. There are several options online but we will use a website that is free and simple. This is www.easystereogrambuilder.com (external link)

Select a pattern from available ones, or upload your own file. Upload your deepthmap as Mask and then click on generate Stereogram. We have our own Stereogram done!

Click on the image to enlarge.

If you want to print your image, take into account that resizing the image could produce the loss the 3D effect, so work with the desired size from the begining.

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