//Fuboss Stand-alone turning base for 3D scanning

Fuboss Stand-alone turning base for 3D scanning

We glad to announce our new stand-alone turning base. The first stand-alone Turning base specifically designed for 3D scanning. Incorporating a pedal switch, you can activate the movement with your foot while you maintain the scanner in your hand. The movement will start just when you need. But not only that, this new stand-alone turning base incorporates the possibility of selecting the spin direction, the speed and even the acceleration. Sometimes we need a soft start and stop, the acceleration control let you to set it according with your requirements. With a weigh of only 5 kg and a load capacity up to 120 kg, the new Turning Base P40A will be the better companion of your handheld scanner. You can order it here.

Fuboss 3d scanning stand-alone turning base

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