Fuboss Stand-alone turning base for 3D scanning

We glad to announce our new stand-alone turning base. The first stand-alone Turning base specifically designed for 3D scanning. Incorporating a pedal switch, you can activate the movement with your foot while you maintain the scanner in your hand. The movement will start just when you need. But not only that, this new stand-alone [...]

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Fuboss at Dni Druku 3D, Poland

Marek, from 3D Pick, sent us some photos of her last assistance to the Dni Druku 3D event, at Kielze, Poland in wich the team of AEMCA, distributor of XYZprinting in Poland, used her Fuboss to show their 3D Scanner to the assistants to this trade fair. View other recent posts [...]

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Now fully automated 3D body scans with Fuboss

We like to hear our customers. Some of they asked us for an automated system for 3D full body scanning. Finally, after several months of development, we can say yes! Now you can make your 3D scannings with only pressing a button. Thanks to the new digital Joystick and its REC & PLAY function. [...]

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How to make your own Autostereogram

In this new entry of our blog, we want to propose another scope for your 3D full body scans, these are the Autostereograms. Sure you remember what is an Autostereogram, see the following image. Source: Wikipedia Those pictures became popular at 90s, then the world had two types of people, those who [...]

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3D scanning a person

In the following video we will show you the entire process of 3D scanning a person using Fuboss. You can see how the scanning process starts from the rear side of the head. This is a good practice in order to obtain a good texture of the face. Turn the model 360º to capture [...]

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Your Fuboss ever updated thanks to our adaptors

The 3D scanning technology is in constant evolution. New 3D cameras are emerging every year with better resolution, performance and lower prices. Our 3D full body scanning system, is able to adapt to this changes to be ever updated with the latest devices of this sector. We like to make use of the advantages [...]

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