Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the size of the turning base in the future?2019-01-13T09:58:47+00:00

Yes. You can use both sizes, 40 or 70 with your tower without making any change. Only plug it to the tower and it will be ready to use.

Can I get measurements from my files?2019-01-13T09:59:28+00:00

Yes. You can use third party software like 3D MeasureUp to get measurements from your file. We don’t distribute any software.

Can the speed be modified?2019-01-07T06:29:50+00:00

Yes. You can precisely control at real time the spin direction and speed, the upward and the downward direction and speed and the +/-45º tilting angle.

Does Fuboss require to be connected to a computer?2019-01-07T06:26:16+00:00

No. Fuboss is fully controlled by means of its joystick. Notice that you could require a computer or a tablet for working with your 3D camera.

Does Fuboss work automatically?2019-01-13T09:59:45+00:00

Yes. You can store up to four different scanning sequences and reproduce they in the auto mode as many times as you need. The user programs are stored in memory and can be recovered at any time.

How a 3D scanning is made?2019-01-13T09:59:36+00:00

With Fuboss you can control the entire process, adapting it to your model. However, a good procedure for full body scanning is to start from the rear of the head, spin the model 360º, go up with the camera tilting it down to get the top of the head. Did that, you must go down meanwhile you spin the model and adapting the tilting angle until reaching the feet. You can see a video in our Gallery.

How many user programs can be stored in memory?2019-01-13T09:58:37+00:00

You can store up to 4 different scanning sequences. It’s perfect for different situations, like children, tall people, sitting persons or even couples.

How much long it takes a full body 3D scan?2019-01-07T06:31:57+00:00

It depends on the camera and the quality you want to obtain with your scanning. An example, using a Sense, you can obtain a high quality scan in 2 minutes. If your purpose is to get body measurements, maybe you could prefer to reduce the quality and increase the speed.

How much long it takes my order to be ready for shipment?2019-01-07T06:36:10+00:00

Fuboss is produced on demand according with the selected configuration and adaptor/s. It normally takes from 3 to 5 weeks to be produced.

How much long it takes the shipment?2019-01-13T10:00:11+00:00

All our shipments are made by UPS Express Saver. To most EU locations, the shipment normally takes no more than a week. You will receive the tracking number to know every moment where your package is.

How much precise can the scanned model be?2019-01-07T06:32:59+00:00

The accuracy is directly dependant on the 3D camera. Cheapest IR 3D cameras generally have and accuracy of +/- 2mm. High quality and professional 3D scanners like the Artec EVA, have even 4 times more accuracy than the first ones. Consult your 3D camera manufacturer for detailed info.

How must I illuminate the model to be scanned?2019-01-13T17:39:10+00:00

The better light source is that coming from the camera. Fuboss includes a small but powerful LED torch for provide enough light during the scanning. You can see more details at this post.

Is any 3D scanning software included?2019-01-07T06:22:24+00:00

No. You can freely use the better 3D scanning software according with your 3D camera. Following is a list of some of existing ones that could work with your device. Consult their developers for more details.

Is it necessary to assemble Fuboss just after taking it out of the box?2019-01-13T09:59:54+00:00

Yes. Due to the height of the tower, the Fuboss tower is packaged in the half height. But it will ready with only a few and easy steps. Only following the indications described in the user manual. Install the head in the rack, connect the upper side of the aluminum profile, and connect the belt to the head. After that you will only need to plug the joystick and the turning table to the tower.

Is the 3D camera included?2019-01-13T17:41:06+00:00

No. Fuboss is a tooling for 3D scanning designed for installing your own 3D camera. You have the freedom of installing whatever of the compatible 3D cameras. Check the list here.

Is the P40A compatible with the Full Body Scanning System (Fuboss)?2019-01-13T09:58:55+00:00

No. The P40A is a stand-alone turning base and it’s not possible to use it with Fuboss.

What is included with Fuboss?2019-01-13T17:39:43+00:00

Fuboss can be configured according with your requirements. See more details in our Quotation page.

What is the distance at which I must place the turning base?2019-01-07T06:34:39+00:00

It depends on the lenses of your 3D camera. An example, with the Sense scanner, a distance of 80cm is a good choice for obtaining the better relation speed/quality. You can reduce this distance for obtaining even more detailed files, or increasing the distance for reducing the scanning time.

What is the maximum weight supported by the platform?2019-01-07T06:33:53+00:00

Fuboss can use two sizes of turning tables, the small, with 40cm diameter, can move up to 120 kg, the bigger one, with 70 cm diameter, can move up to 150 kg.

What type of files I’ll get?2019-01-13T09:59:16+00:00

Fuboss doesn’t include any 3D scanning software. You must consult the software developer to know more details. The major part of they can export files in STL (no color info) or OBJ (with color) that are supported by most of 3D printers.

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