Examples of 3D scans using Fuboss

Watch how our 3D scanning system works. Here you will find videos, 3D models, and other interesting media content relatted with Fuboss.


Watch the video of our campaign

This video was created in 2015 for our crowdfunding campaign. It shows the first prototype of Fuboss. With this prototype we stablished the main requirements of the 3D full body scanning. It let us to make a lot of tests and show to the public the concept of Fuboss.

3D scanning Maribel

This is an example of one complete session of 3D scanning a person. The point of view is of the 3D camera Sense and using the software Skanect.

3D scanning Coco

This video shows how to scan a medium sized object. In this case we used a toy over a transparent base that allows to perfectly scan the bottom of the model.

Several examples of 3D Models using Fuboss

Here you can see several 3D models from our Sketchfab gallery.

Using Fuboss + Sense + Recfusion

Using Fuboss + Sense + Skanect

Using Fuboss + Sense + Recfusion

Using Fuboss + Sense + Skanect

Using Fuboss + Sense + Skanect

Using Fuboss + Sense + Skanect

Printle 3D Models

An small selection of the huge gallery of our collaborator Printle in France. Do not miss visiting his website where you can ask for their 3D scanning service, purchase their royalty free 3d models and much more.


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