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Fuboss 3D body scanner

What is Fuboss?

Fuboss is an automated tooling for the 3D scanning of people or medium sized objects. It consists on a tower in which is mounted one of the many 3D cameras compatible with Fuboss. This tower allows you to move the camera upward, downward and tilt the scanner with a total control of the speed and direction. Additionally, Fuboss includes its own lighting system. It can be installed close to the RGB camera, obtaining a uniform illumination and, therefore, suppressing shadows and blurs. The rig incorporates a turning platform that will spin the model during the process. You can fully control the speed and direction of it. Every movement is managed by means of a 3 axis joystick. The digital version of this joystick can store a complete scanning sequence and reproduce it as many times you want, which converts Fuboss in a complete automated 3D body scanning system.

Design details

Especifically designed aluminum profile. Ligth and resistant. Hi-quality transmision and linear guide for a smooth movement. It can be folded to be easily transported.

Servo controlled head. Tilt the 3D camera as you desire during all the scanning process. This unique feature allows to obtain full closed and detailed meshes.

The central unit precisely translates the joystick signals into movements for each motor of the system. It incorporates our own hardware and software to obtain the better performance.

Lightweight but tough. With only 5 kg, our smaller model can spin a weight up to 120kg with a total control of the speed and direction. Available in 40cm or 70cm diameter.

Controlled by means of a professional grade 3 axis joystick. Move up/down, right/left and tilt +/-45º. Store up to 4 different user defined scanning sequences. Set the manual or auto mode.

Compatible handheld 3D scanners

Fuboss is compatible with most of structured infrared ligth based 3D sensors on the marquet extracting all the potential of them.

Fuboss doesn’t include any 3D Sensor, you can mount on it whatever you prefer.

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Choose the adaptor you need

Each unit includes one generic camera adaptor. If required you can select one extra adaptor according with your 3D Scanner.

Controlling the 3D Body Scanner

Fuboss can be controlled in both, manual and auto modes. This feature converts Fuboss in the most versatile system in the market.
The manual mode allows you to program and store your own scanning sequences in memory. It’s also very useful in cases you need to precisely control the movements of the camera to adapt the process to a specific model.
Using the auto mode, you can speed up repetitive processes like mass scanning of people. Only choose from your previously stored programs, press a button and Fuboss will do the entire job.

Fuboss control
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